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Comcast's New Cell Service is a Head Turner

Pinch me, I'm dreaming. Comcast is offering mobile service!

Comcast gets a bad rap, but not from me. I wake up every morning and thank them for their service. If it wasn't for Comcast, my town would have no internet, the local economy would collapse, schools would shutter, hospitals fail. I wonder if complainers ever think about that.

Once I lost Comcast for a couple of weeks and all I had was my iPhone. I'm in the suburbs, where we'll have a yeti sighting before we see a 4G signal. When I use my computer as a hot spot, it spins balls all day... That's why I can't get excited about 5G.

So, my friend thinks Comcast is the devil. He reads his bill backwards. It bothers me to see him so unhinged, and so the other day I went over for an intervention. As soon as he heard "Comca...", he tossed down his drink, herded me over to his computer and Googled, "comcast is the devil."

What I saw was surprising. 11,200 results, and the second was from Comcast. 😳

Having no answer, I promised to dig deeper. And here's what I found:

In short, no one is taking chances. There are a thousand exorcists in the U.S. already. They're called "WISPs" (wireless internet service providers), and instead of holy water they're bringing faster, more affordable internet access.

They're doing it with "fixed" wireless, generally fixing in place a small antenna on the roof of every home or apartment building, and aiming it at a tower based receiver where internet bandwidth is accessed.

Millions of cable subscribers will be saved—and so will DSL users and rural communities abandoned by Big Telco.

It's simple, reliable, affordable and fast. Hundreds of thousands have already converted to fixed wireless and their testimonials are compelling [read more].

So, if you're possessed by your cable internet provider and need a local exorcist, follow this link to WISPA (Wireless Internet Service Providers Association). WISPs won't take your cell service, but neither will they take your soul.


WISPs, we can grow your business. Bigly. 😊

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