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"Fixed Wireless" Pinged and It Wants a Better Name

fixed wireless should be wireless broadband

When I started in fixed wireless, it was called “microwave”. I was in my twenties and bent on creating the first wireless Ethernet solution. Such an exciting time.

But it hardly translated.

My dad stared blankly at me. “Microwave? What's that? You selling ovens now?”

On sales calls, puns beat P.O.'s five to one. “Microwave? Can it cook a chicken?” I heard it a thousand times. Least original pun ever.

So now it's “fixed wireless”, and that term sucks too.

Last week I had a meeting at Heidrea Communications, where I brought up fixed wireless to a small group of telecom execs. As we talked, it became apparent that we all had different ideas on what fixed wireless was. It took a round of musical chair whiteboard drawings before we were all on the same page. How do you market *that* to shrinking attention spans?

Fixed wireless is the most esoteric term, not to mention that the “fixed” part invites chirps, like that wireless is broken or corrupt—as in, “the fix is in”. You’d never know that it means affordable broadband, freedom from cable monopolies, or an interstellar upgrade from DSL.

How about rebranding to “wireless broadband”?

This may be the mother of moot points, but I'm putting it out anyway. Wireless broad-band is more intuitive and easier on the ears of consumers and investors. It encompasses unlicensed and licensed radios, PTP, PMP, and everything from 2.4 to 80GHz. We can call out the type for specificity. All else is Wi-Fi, mobile (e.g., 3G, 4G or “5G”) or satellite.

What do you think?

Do you have a better term? Share it here and let's start a hashtag campaign!​


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