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Fixed Wireless Comes to Suburbia
We generate value for wireless ISPs, vendors & investors. 
⚡️ WISPs—We'll take you to the next level for an affordable, one-time cost of $3,250. Boost brand awareness, promote sustainable growth and increase your value to investors and buyers. Explore possibilities in an introductory call with David Theodore. Email David to schedule a time.
⚡️ VendorsGive us your innovative tech, and we'll articulate its value in ways that will delight you and stimulate customer interest. Peruse articles on our blog and check out the level of engagement on LinkedIn
⚡️ Buyers & Investors—We'll evaluate WISPs with a powerful set of metrics built on unrivaled experience and latest industry insights. No two WISPs are the same, and neither are their markets, so let us help identify your best prospects. 
What We Do
More than marketers. We made industry history (repeatedly).
I'm David Theodore, pictured above at 26, after developing the world's first wireless internet solution.
Subsequently—and years before Wi-Fi—my firm, Microwave Bypass, Inc., dominated the market with 10 Mbps Ethernet installations in 48 states and 12 countries. We collaborated with Cisco, brought Motorola into the business, and at our peak, Aberdeen Group estimated that our market share exceeded 70%. Read the complete story. 
Today, we're at the helm of the fixed wireless revolution, helping WISPs and vendors to bring affordable broadband to the underserved. Scroll through our articles, marketing and branding concepts, and let's talk about how we can help you.
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David Theodore

Writer, Fixed Wireless Strategist

Gwyneth Vaughan

Editor, Social Media Director

Featured on Wi-Fi NOW

rf elements Devo article


RF Elements horns are a huge innovation.


My friend says that I talk about these horns like they're some kind of miracle. But for WISPs they ARE.


They don't turn water into wine, but they turn noise into bandwidth (aka, money), and what's not awesome about that?


For more, read my article, visit RF Elements or email Frank.

Branding for Micronet

Micronet Communications is an awesome partner to protect your most important asset: SPECTRUM.


How do I know?


Micronet coordinated and protected all my licensed backhaul paths for the better part of 20-years. They also secured all the licenses we needed for the high-frequency trading network we designed between the Chicago MERC and the NYSE (720-miles).

Visit Micronet or email Jeremy Vize.

logo by theodore wireless

Featured in LinkedIn's "Editor's Picks"

5G, 4G, fixed wireless

On your mark. Get set. Grow!

Branding & Marketing 

If your brand is on life-support, we'll infuse it with a fresh look and a cohesive message. 


Then we'll craft a marketing plan for effective in-person and social media engagement. 

Content Development

  • Long Form Articles

  • Infographics

  • Case Studies

  • Best Practice Guides

  • Interviews & Surveys

  • Slide Shows

  • YouTube Video

Social Media

We amplify content across the best platforms for customer engagement. 

Real-time analytics provide actionable feedback to optimize marketing direction. 

Let us hear from you!

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